Inbound Technical Support Services

In the current competitive market, customer services play a major role. In fast paced and multi location offices, companies have customers from all over the globe. As a company, it becomes very important that you have team which can provide ready support 24x7. Almost all the companies including healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, etc. have customer support services. It not only helps in enhancing your customer operations but also improves your credibility in the market. Catering to customers requires dedicated team, advanced software platforms and proper management. Instead of spending a fortune in hiring, training, managing and retaining in-house team you can simply outsource inbound technical support services to specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is one of the leading inbound technical support service providers in India. With more a decade years of experience in working with some of the top companies in the market, RCSPL understands how important it is to answer customer queries on time, especially for IT companies. The reason why technical support is more important is because even a single incorrect click can lead to improper behaviour of the software solutions or systems. We have dedicated support engineers and technical staffs who have cross industry experience to provide you customized tech support solution as per your requirements.

Types of inbound technical support services offered by RCSPL

Offering customer service and support regarding software solutions include needs experience and expertise. It also includes understand each and every bit of the solution to cater end-to-end solution for customers. Post complete training and induction of the software solution our team offers following services:

  • Usage and technical query support
  • Installation and repair support
  • Desktop application usage support
  • Maintenance and management support
  • Troubleshooting and operational support

Just like each software and IT product is unique, each solution offered to clients are also unique and different. We tailor made inbound support services to our clients. We have experience in managing technical support for small to large software solutions.

Why outsource inbound technical support services to RCSPL?

If you are looking dedicated, reliable and experienced outsourcing partner then your search ends at RCSPL. By outsourcing inbound technical support services to RCSPL, you gain access to the most dedicated team of engineers who have hands-on experience of several IT solutions and products. Leverage our experience and expertise to enhance your customer service and improve business growth rate. We are readily available to support you 24X7X365 days.

If you need any additional information regarding outsourcing inbound technical support services then please fill in the form given below. Our executives will contact you soon.