File Format Conversion Services

With the evolving technology, almost all the processes in companies are also changing. From local stores and sole traders to large business organizations have opted for electronic data sharing than the old-school method of handwritten data. Needless to mention about the benefits of electronic data as it enhances the life of the document. Moreover, it becomes useful in sharing the right information with your audience rapidly. Apart from being available in electronic format, it is also important that information is available in editable format by which you can enhance it further. In order to format or edit the document, it is important that all your documents are converted in the required format. File format conversion process needs proper software tools and applications. Instead of wasting productive hours in file format conversion, most of the companies outsource their large data to outsourcing companies specialized in file format conversion services.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited is a leading and professional file format conversion service provider in Ahmedabad, India. We have been in the outsourcing industry for more than a decade now and we have catered to a wide range of national and international clients. We have a team of highly skilled and talented individuals who have strong industry experience in file format conversion. We use advanced tools and software platform to offer faster turnaround time and high quality results to our clients. Whether it is audio, video, text, image or any other format, we can convert it into the required format as per your business needs.

What are the benefits of file format conversion services?

It is a common question that most of our clients and customers have while outsourcing their file conversion process to RCSPL. We understand that most of the file conversion features are already available in the MS word, Excel and online file conversion applications. However, if you want to convert the image files into text, pdf into the proper editable format, video into text, CAD drawings into DGN/DGW/DXF formats, or convert data into 2D or 3D formats then you need a high level of expertise and experience in it. There are hundreds of file formats in which the data can be converted into. From spreadsheets to music and video to text, our team is readily available to assist you.

What is our process of file format conversion?

Most of the file conversion process is done using a variety of software and applications. But it needs proper planning and strategizing by which you can get optimum results. At RCSPL, we have file conversion specialists who have strong knowledge and experience of various file formats, conversion techniques and data formulation. The conversion process for each file format is different and it is converted in various phases. Some of the file format conversion processes are:

Rapid Data Entry Process

Any text file can be converted into the following formats as given below:

  • .ANS texts with the layout
  • .ASC text with layout
  • .CSV: Comma Separated ASCII text values for database management systems
  • .DOC: MS word format
  • .DOCX: MS word 2007 XML format
  • .HTML and .XHTML Format
  • .LWP: Lotus Word Pro
  • .MCW: MS word for Apple Mac (versions 4.0-to latest)
  • .RTF: and .TXT
  • .WPD and .XML

Image File Conversion Services

Majorly there are two main categories based on which the files are converted as given below:

  • Raster Format

    In raster format the file conversion depends on the information available in individual pixels. Some of the major formats are JPEG | TIFF | RAW | PNG | GIF | BMP.

  • Vector Formats

    In the vector format the file conversion depends on the pixels and 3D geometry. Some of the major formats are CGM and SVG.

Audio File Conversion Services

Similar to text and images, even the audio files can also be converted into required format. There are several online conversion tools and applications available using which it can be converted, but most of them are paid or needs expertise. At RCSPL, we have dedicated team, which helps you in converting the any audio file into other audio formats as per your business requirements. Some of the major audio formats are MP3, MID, M4A, MP2, MPGA, etc.

Video File Conversion Services

If your company needs the video file to be converted into text format, image format, PPT format or any other video format, then we have expertise in it. Our team can help you convert any video format into 3GP, VOB, diVX, MPEG, AVI, etc., and vice versa. We use advanced tools and application by which we are able to deliver you high quality results.

HTML File Conversion Services

Currently HTML is the most popular and demanded file format in the world. There are several online file conversion tools which help in converting HTML files into other formats but it deteriorates the quality. With our low cost model, you can get the HTML files converted in any format you need.

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