Business Survey Data Entry Services

Market research and survey are important tools of marketing which can help you build the gap between your products & services, and your customer’s expectation. This can be only possible when the data generated from surveys are given a serious thought. The data can be considered and reviewed only if it is a structural format. For proper structural format you need the data in the electronic format. Even today most of the companies generate paper based survey which results into a hectic task of entering the data in to proper format. Even if the survey is conducted online, it is important to convert the data into proper format, ensure there is no error, process it into tabular or graphical format. All this processing needs a lot of time and dedicated team, so, instead of spending the precious time of in-house teams, most of the companies outsource their business survey data entry services to specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is an experienced and reliable business survey data entry services provider in India. With expertise in offering a wide range of data management and data entry services, RCSPL is the most trusted company when it comes to choosing an outsourcing partner in India. We have dedicated teams of data entry operators and state-of-art infrastructure to offer faster turnaround time and the best quality of services at lowest cost price. From manual data entry to automated data and online data entry to offline data entry, we offer all types of services.

How do we process the entire business survey data entry service?

RCSPL offers an end-to-end solution depending on your business type and requirements. If clients need only data entry services for their existing data then we align our team accordingly. If clients want to run the entire campaign then we can also manage the entire campaign. In short, we customize the solution depending on your business requirements. The below process shows the end-to-end process by which we process business survey and data entry services.

Designing and Setting-up Survey

We have a team of survey specialists and designers who have actually worked on several of our client’s survey projects. They have complete insight and strong knowledge of businesses in different verticals. Knowledge of customer’s behaviour and crisp writing is also needed. Our designers ensure the survey is well packaged in the presentable format.

Printing and Mailing Survey

We also customize the design as per your business requirements and use cost-effective mailing services to send it your audience. Customized designs include, designed envelopes, letters, questionnaire and more.

Online Survey

For online survey, we customize the web page as per your branding and business. We capture the data online, analyse and add to process it further.

Scanning and Converting

If the survey information is in printed format or handwritten format then we use OCR and ICR techniques to standardize the data format. We convert it into electronic data for further processing.

Manual and Automated Entry

We use manual as well as automated data entry process depending on the data and type of survey. We understand the complete requirements and data type before using any of the process.

Collating and Formatting

After extracting, converting, and analysis of data, we collate and format it to make it ready for the QA analysis.

QA Analysis

We have a rigorous process of QA by which we are able to provide the best in class quality. We ensure that we offer atleast 99.5% of accuracy to our clients.

Packaging and Reporting

Finally when the erroneous data has been corrected, we transfer the entire data to client’s server using FTP, Database or file sharing service.

What are the benefits of choosing RCSPL for business survey data entry services?

If you are looking for customized and tailored solution at affordable and low cost price then choose none other than RCSPL. We might compromise on cost but we never compromise on quality. All our satisfied clienteles offer repeat business because they trust us and rely on our quality of service. We assure you that we will provide the best in class service and exceptional team of professionals.

If you need any additional information regarding our business survey data entry services, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.