Data Extraction Services

Small or large, every organization needs lots of information to improve and evolve marketing, sales, product development, business operations and more. The information can be available from within the company or from external sources. Thanks to the latest technology which has enabled us to gain the largest pool of information on the web. It helps key personnel to make important business decisions that help in enhancing the company growth rate. Researching, extracting and collating are tedious and time consuming processes, so almost all the companies in the world, outsource data extraction services to offshore vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a reliable and trusted data extraction service provider in India. We have dedicated and highly skilled professionals who have strong industry knowledge and expertise in data extraction. We perform accurate data extraction and add it in the required format as per your business needs. We use advanced techniques, software platforms and innovative solutions to cater our clients.

Our Data Extraction Services Includes:

Extracting Web Data

Extracting online data like customer, competitor, partner, etc., data needs a lot of research. There are several web sources, but choosing the right and trusted source is more important. We also verify the meta-data and information of several websites to collect the information. We research, collate, gather, summarize and transfer the data that your company needs. We use different platforms like blogs, websites, articles, reviews, statistics, comments and more to collect the data.

Extracting Database Data

We have experienced team of professionals who can work on different types of database platforms. Our team can mine the data as per the database format and transfer in the structured format. We also conduct market research for data, pricing and offer analysis.

Why outsource data extraction services to RCSPL?

By outsourcing data extraction services to RCSPL, you have the facility to work with the most experienced and professional team of data extractors. We have state-of-art infrastructure and advanced software platforms to provide your faster turnaround solution at the lowest cost price. We are capable of offering a wide range of data management and data extraction services. We can also convert the data in a standard format as per your business requirements. We comply to the NDA rules and regulations and keep our client’s business information confidential. If you are looking for trustable and reliable outsourcing partner in India, then choose none other than RCSPL.

If you want to outsource data extraction services to RCSPL, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.