Image Data Entry Services

Several writing and publishing companies as well as marketing agencies have a huge amount of printed data which needs to be stored and managed at the centralized locations. Converting and collating the information in electronic data format is a time and resource consuming task. Instead of spending the time of in-house team, almost all the companies and business mangers outsource image data entry services to specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a leading image data entry service provider in India. We have experts in our team who can handle large amount of data and deliver in a short period of time. With RCSPL, we can understand your requirements much better than anyone else. We maintain international standard of service quality.

What is our process of image data entry services?

All image based documents and handwritten documents are converted into text based format for standardizing it. We offer online as well as offline data entry services as well. The processes involved in the image data entry services are:

Scanning and Converting

Documents which are already in the image format are converted into text format while handwritten documents are converted into image format and then text. We use advanced software solution to convert the document into the text based format.

Image to Spreadsheet

Our team has solid experience in converting large amounts of image documents into text and adding the same in the spreadsheets.

Image to Database

We can also convert the data into text based format and add it into any database platform as per your business needs.

Catalogue & Legal Documents Data Entry

We also provide catalogue data entry and legal document data entry services.

Why outsource image data entry services to RCSPL?

If you are looking for highly reliable and professional outsourcing company which offer the best quality services at the lowest price model. By outsourcing image data entry service to RCSPL, your image data entry service project is managed by the group of highly experienced and skilled people. Our team has strong knowledge and expertise of OCR, ICR and other image conversion tools available in the market. We have state of art infrastructure and advanced software platforms using which we can provide documents in the required format like PDF, JPEG, GIF, RTF and TIFF. We maintain the highest level of security for the client’s data. We believe in a simple concept that if you need the best results then you need the best team.

If you need any additional information regarding outsourcing image data entry services, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will soon contact you.