Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Insurance segment is a very significant and risk management industry where even a minor delay can cause loss of business. In most of the cases, the simple reason why users withdraw their insurance policies is because of the delay in the claims process. Even insurance companies are fighting hard to revert users with faster claims. In order to simplify and increase the pace of insurance claims verification and make proper payments, companies need to transfer large volumes of data into proper format. It needs days of data entry and formatting process which helps in aligning the data. Most of the insurance companies across the world have started outsourcing insurance claims data entry services to specialized vendors. It has been considered and realized that outsourcing the insurance claims data entry process results in saving time and money.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a leading and professional insurance claims data entry service provider in India. We offer a wide range of data entry services which also includes insurance claims services. We have fully trained and skilled team of professionals who can assist you in providing faster claim process. Our accurately captures the data from the paper documents of insurance and enters into the database format as per your business requirements. With advanced software solutions and dedicated team, RCSPL enables insurance companies to transform their data into a digitized format.

What types of insurance claims data entry services do we offer?

  • Insurance claims forms
  • Uniform billing forms
  • Medicare and Medicaid forms
  • Dental insurance forms
  • Disability claims forms
  • Hospitalization forms
  • Critical illness forms
  • Dismemberment forms
  • Death insurance claims forms

Why outsource insurance claims data entry services?

With more than a decade of experience in project management and maintaining international standard of quality, we have a knack of processing an entire project. Whether it is a small project or large, we use the same flow and format by which we can enhance our quality of service. By outsourcing the insurance claims data entry services to RCSPL, you gain access to the most experienced and professional team of experts. We assign dedicated project managers for each project by which they become the single point of contact for the client. From inception to the end of the project, our project managers will work closely with the client as per their requirements and expectations.

You can save approximatly 60-70% of time and cost by outsourcing data entry services to RCSPL. We believe in offering the highest quality of service at the lowest cost price. We also use advanced scanners and software solution to provide faster turnaround time and better quality. We also use OCR and ICR techniques to standardize the data format. All our processes comply with the HIPAA and ISO policies. We have 24x7 support team to assist you as and when you need. Apart from data entry services we also provide data extraction, data conversion, data mining and data processing services.

If you need any additional information regarding our insurance claims data entry services, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.