Internet Data Input Services

If you are an information sensitive company or conduct regular market surveys, product registration, service research, etc., then you can very easily understand how difficult it is to convert the paper data into electronic data. If it is online survey then it also important that it is properly verified. The customer’s information about their choice, likes, dislikes, etc. are very important data using which you can make drastic changes in your product or service quality. If the data is not properly maintained, then you entire efforts will be drained. In order maintain a competitive position in the market, the customer data plays a major role in enhancing your business. In order to convert the regular market research data and product survey details are outsourced to specialized vendors by almost all the companies. Several company owners and business managers have realized and considered that outsourcing internet data input services to external agencies has proved to be very beneficial for their business.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a leading and professional internet data input service provider in India. With more than a decade of experience in a wide range of data management and data entry services, RCSPL leads the current competitive outsourcing market in India. The simple reason why we are leaders is because of the service quality and customized solutions. Unlike complicated outsourcing companies, we do not charge heavy fees for our service. We believe in maintaining long term relationship with our clients by supporting them at each and every business level at reasonable prices.

Our process of internet data input services?

The reason why most of the companies choose RCSPL is because we offer a customized and tailored solution for our clients. However the basic process of data input is listed for your understanding on how it works.

  • Scanning and capturing data from different sources and platforms. From online data to handwritten data, we can process all sorts of data.
  • For images and printed materials, we use advanced tools like OCR and ICR techniques to convert it into electronic data and standardize the format.
  • We also use manual data entry process for printed and paper documents.
  • We list and align the data in proper format by which it can be added into the database or any defined platform.
  • We also enter the data into defined web applications or websites.
  • We run strict and rigorous QA process to ensure the data is flawless.

You can suggest the format of the data structure as per your business requirements. We will ensure that the data is properly added in the desired format and the final output result is as per expectation. Our objective is to offer easy to access solution that can be further used by your team mates.

Why should you choose RCSPL for internet data input services?

If you wish to save more than 60% of your cost and choose a reliable outsourcing partner then choose none other than RCSPL. We offer a wide range of corporate services including data entry services. We have dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced people who have strong industry knowledge and expertise. We hire the best and provide the best in class services by which our clients can improve and grow their business at faster rate. By choosing us you can get your internet data input at 98% accuracy at faster turnaround time. We offer the highest quality of services at the most affordable prices.

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