Legal Documents Data Entry

Whether you are a legal company or (limited)private, every company needs different types of legal documents. Each legal document has its importance and it is very useful for future processes. In case of lease documents or property documents, it becomes very important for the attorney as well as the client to ensure that the documents are properly maintained, especially in companies like real estate, shares and brokering, insurance and bonds, etc. In order to enhance the life of the legal documents it has to be properly stored and managed. You can increase the life of the documents by converting the paper documents into digitizing it. Instead of data entering the pile of legal documents all yourself wasting your productive hours, you can outsource legal documents data entry services to specialized team.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a reliable and professional legal documents data entry service provider in India with more than a decade of experience. We have catered to a variety of clients from all over the globe. We have dedicated teams for a wide range of data management services including outsourced legal documents data entry services. We offer best in class services within deadline at the lowest cost prices.

What is the process of legal documents data entry services?

RCSPL offers a customized and tailored legal documents data entry services as per your business requirements. The basic process includes following steps:

Manual Data Entry

Our experienced team of data entry operators design and plan a structure in which the entire data can be entered.

Data Conversion

The data is first captured using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) by which handwritten, paper documents, images, etc. can be converted into a text based format. We even convert the PDF content into a text based format which becomes easy to process.

Lists and Labels

Each and every mailing lists and labels are manually processed by data entry team. We ensure complete accuracy in mailing list and labelling entry.

Volume and Size

Our team has strong knowledge and experience in managing large size and volume of data within deadlines. Be it hundreds or few hundreds, we are readily available to assist you.

Why outsource your legal documents data entry services to us?

At RCSPL, we offer the highest level of quality at the most competitive prices. We have well trained and skilled legal documents data entry operators who can assist you with the legal documents requirements at very short period. We maintain the highest of accuracy using a strict QA process by which our clients are highly satisfied with our services. We keep our client’s information secured and confidential. Our team is well versed with the legal jargons and terminology by which they are able to process the documents at a faster pace. We use advanced scanners and software tools to provide faster turnaround time and enhanced quality of service to our clients. Our team is readily available to assist you will sorts of business and legal documents data entry services.

If you need any additional information regarding our services then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.