Restaurant Menu Digitization Services

In the current digital world, technology has changed our daily life to several extents. Instead of visiting crowded malls, people prefer to shop online for their apparels and accessories. Similarly, people prefer to order online food than visiting restaurants. With the increasing popularity of ordering online from restaurants, it has become imperative for hotels, cafes, restaurants and food joints to visibility online as well. Most of the users either use the restaurant website or apps, or use the search engines to identify the menu options.

It has become mandatory for all the restaurants and food joints to upload digitized food menu options online. With immediate access to your hotel or restaurant menu, you have more chance of gaining maximum business. If you are not having online menu then you are losing a large chunk of business to your competitors. Converting printed menus into digitized format and uploading it is a critical and tedious process. Unreadable or shaky images can leave negative results about your outlet. Almost all the restaurants and hotels outsource restaurant menu digitization services to the specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a leading and experienced company offering a wide range of data entry and management services including restaurant menu digitization services. We have several years of catering a variety of clients from US, UK, Canada and Australia. We offer the highest quality of services at lowest price model. We have expert team of professionals who have gained strong industry knowledge and experience by serving several national and international clients.

What are the types of services offered in restaurant menu digitization?

We have experienced and dedicated team to provide a wide range of digitization services which includes:

  • Restaurant menu Data Entry Services
  • Restaurant menu Designing Services
  • Restaurant menu Formatting Services
  • Restaurant menu Conversion Services
  • Restaurant menu Order Management Services

What is our process of restaurant menu digitization services?

At RCSPL, we understand that the restaurant or cafes menu can change with the season, customer reviews and ongoing festivals. In fact there are several factors based on which interesting menus are added to the list. In such case it becomes difficult for the restaurant manager to process the restaurant update on regular basis. Using our digitization and data entry services, you gain more pace and offer latest information to your customers. Instead of displaying unstructured data, we ensure that your menu looks attractive and in properly structured formats.

Raw Data

We have specialized team and advanced software solutions, using which we can standardize the format of the restaurant menu you send in any format. Be it PDF, printed, paper document, handwritten or e-FAX.

Data Entry

Based on the confirmation from our clients, we can help with data entry services of the restaurant menu.

Designing and Structuring

As per the confirmation from our clients, we can help in designing the online restaurant menu of our clients as well as we can define a structure format in which the data will be added and updated on regular basis.

Output Data

We can provide you the digitized restaurant menu is desired format as per your business requirements.

Why should you choose RCSPL for outsourcing restaurant menu digitization services?

With more than a decade of experience in offering high quality data entry and digitization services to a variety of national and international clients, we have understood that ‘Quality’ and ‘Innovation’ are the two pillars based on which we can stand tall in the market. We believe in offering the highest quality and accurate services at lowest price cost. We have dedicated team of professionals and 24x7 support services to assist you at anytime you need. If you are looking for reliable and trusted outsourcing partner, RCSPL is your one stop destination.

If you need any additional information regarding restaurant menu digitization services, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.