Market Research Forms Processing

Market research is a common and effective process before launching any product or services in the market. You can understand the taste, behaviour, choice or dislike of your customers. There are hundreds and thousands of forms which need to be converted into digital format. It is a tedious and a humungous task which can help your key personnel to take important business decisions. The market research forms processing needs dedicated team, expertise and knowledge of structuring the data in the right format. Almost all the companies and marketing agencies which conduct market research outsource the forms process to data management service companies.

If you are planning to run a market research or have huge data of customers, users, competitors or market, then RCSPL can help you in converting it into an insightful data. We are a leading market research forms processing service provider in India with more than a decade of experience. Whether you want us to analyse the data and convert it into digitized format, or extract, collate, remove errors and add in your desired format, our dedicated team is readily available to assist you.

Why should you outsource market research forms processing services?

The amount of time spent on planning, extracting, collating and processing the data needs a dedicated team to work on the project. You need to be equipped with advanced tools and solutions like fast reader tools and high quality scanners for best results. Instead of spending the productive time of your team for processing the forms, they can focus on much more productive tasks. By outsourcing you can save a fortune which you spend on hiring, managing, training and retaining resources.

Moreover, we offer a customized solution as per your business requirements. We also have automated systems which help in collecting the data and converting it into digitized format for analysis. We can manage the form data in different formats like HTML, JPEG, JSP, PHP, etc.

How do we process the market research forms?

Understand Requirements

We first understand your business requirements and how your existing process works. We use our experience and expertise to add value to your existing process and suggest the solution for it.

Plan and Design

With mutual understanding, we come up with a plan and design to process the forms in a structured format.

Tools and Applications

We extract the data from the centralized platform or collect the documents if it is in hard copy format. Our team collates, aligns and structures it in a proper format to make it scan-ready. If it is already in digitized format, then it is extracted to over local storage.

Scanning and Digitizing

The entire hard copy data are converted into digitized format and added to the automation system. If the data is already in the digitized format, but in different file format like PDF, HTML, JPEG, etc. then our dedicated team first converts the information in a common format.

Storage Process

After the entire data is extracted, collated, converted and analysed the final data is stored in our database. The data is further processed to present in a structured format by which our clients can extract the useful actionable information from the data.


Once the data is formatted in a structured format, then it is delivered to our clients on a common platform.

Why RCSPL is trusted for forms processing services?

As an experienced and reliable market research forms processing service provider in India, we have learned two things very clearly in our tenure – Quality and Innovation. These are the two pillars based on which we are leading the current competitive market. Our clients choose us for the quality of service and innovative solution that we offer at affordable rates. We are proud of experienced and professional team which has the zeal to increase the benchmark of quality. We do not work FOR our clients, in fact our clients are an integral part of our team. We believe in growing with our clients.

If you need any additional information regarding our market research forms processing services, then please fill in the enquiry forms. Our executives will soon get in touch with you.