Document Scanning Services

As per a recent research, a famous global consulting company confirmed that in an organization, employees spend approximately four hours in looking for the required information. Is your organization facing similar kind of critical issues? Are your employees losing their productive hours in looking for the information they need? Is your important business information lost in the piles of folders or stored in files? Loss of information and losing productive time can majorly hamper your business and performance of the employees.

You need to ensure that your business records and information are secure. If it is not accessible at the right time, then it is of no use. In the worst case, if it gets in the hands of unauthorized personnel or competitors, then it can result in losing major business opportunities to your competitors. Using document scanning services helps in storing your company information in the centralized platform within your control and reach.

RCSPL is a leading document scanning service provider in India at affordable rates. We have more than a decade of experience in document scanning services and catered to a wide range of clients across the world. With the help of advanced tools and software, we can provide you high quality document scanning services at cost-effective rates with faster turnaround time. We can provide you the scanned documents in a wide range of image formats.

What services do we offer?

RCSPL has a wide range of advanced tools and software like large format colour scanners and flatbed scanners which helps in high quality document scanning. We provide customized document scanning services as per the business requirements of our clients. Our document scanning services include:

  • From invoices to bills, handwritten documents and notes, legal files to accounting records, we can provide document scanning for any business requirement.
  • Apart from De-Skewing images and OCR indexing, we also offer automatic and manual indexing and archiving functions.
  • Our services platter also include data capture and double data capturing
  • Your search ends at _______ for document digitization. We can help you setup complete document management system.
  • Comprehensive range of Black & White scanning as well as colour scanning as per business needs.

What is the process of document scanning services?

Document Arrangement

In this process, our team will first arrange the entire paper data in the proper format and order. It further helps in the streamlined process of scanning.

Hi-Speed Document Scanning

In this process, we plan, monitor and ensure that the pre-defined documents are properly adjusted as per the scanning parameters. We use the advance level of software to get the best results and quality. If it is an image document, the document format will be in PDF. However, text files can be converted into any required format.

Rearranging Documents

After the entire process of documents scanning, we ensure that none of the information is missed and run quality check process on all the scanned documents. If we find any error in any of the document, we re-scan the entire document.

Why should you choose RCSPL for document scanning services?

The simple objective of RCSPL is to offer high quality document scanning services at the cheapest rates. We have offered document scanning services to several international clients across US, UK, Australia and Canada. We set ourselves apart from other document scanning providers in the market by offering the best in class services, innovative and high quality solutions at the most affordable rates. Being a business ourselves, we understand how important Time Line is. The simple mantra in our team is to exceed our client’s expectation in terms of quality and timeliness.

We use advanced tools and platform to perform your task. Our team is capable of offering high density scanning files e.g. 600 PPI for images and 4800 PPI for detailed scanning. We scan the documents and transfer it directly to your FTP server or any other downloadable server, from where you can extract it safely. We understand that our clients trust us with their business information and it is our utmost responsibility to ensure the confidentiality and security of the documents. With our data security policy, we ensure all your information is stored and monitoring securely. We can help you reduce your operations cost drastically.

If you need any additional information regarding our document scanning services, please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will soon get in touch with you