OCR Cleanup Services

The process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to convert image files into text files, i.e ASCII and Unicode formats. It is highly time consuming and plan critical process which needs years of expertise and experience. Knowledge of advanced tools and software is also needed for OCR process.

In the majority of cases, there are chances of errors occurring during the OCR process so, ‘OCR cleanup process’ becomes imperative for any business. It helps in rectifying the errors and improving the level of accuracy. RCSPL has strong experience and expertise in OCR clean up services. We have state-of-art infrastructure and dedicated team of professional who have excellent skills in processing small to large amount of OCR data.

By choosing RCSPL, you gain access to the most experienced and professional team of OCR clean up services and data conversion needs. With our OCR team, you can convert all your image files into any format as per your business requirements with optimum accuracy level.

Still wondering if OCR cleanup service is needed?

In simple words, even when we draft an email, we run through spell checks, check grammar errors and statement reconstruction before sending it. Similarly, when the OCR process is completed, it needs OCR cleanup services to remove errors occurred and make it flawless, before making it available for internal or external world. It is basically the quality analysis process post OCR procedure. The OCR clean up services helps in several ways including:

  • You can have the chances to add the missed out data during the OCR process. It offers the re-factoring platform and enables you to include all the information.
  • Most of the time, some of the characters are misread during the OCR process and using clean up services you have the facility to increase the accuracy and remove such errors.
  • With OCR clean up services, we can enhance the quality of data up to 98% accuracy
  • RCSPL has proven track record in delivering accurate and flawless data.

What is the process of OCR Cleanup Services?

OCR offers much more advantages compared to the bar code data reading because it can hold 6 times more data than the bar code scanner.

Rapid Data Entry Process

Experienced and trained staff of data entry operators capture data from the image files and add data in the processed format. It needs excellent keyboard skills and expertise in shortcuts of various applications and tools.

Minimizing Error

The OCR records are further scrutinized and verified during the OCR clean up service by which unnecessary information and data lost errors are recovered. Moreover, any errors occurred during the data entry is also removed in the cleanup process.

Data Conversion

With the help of the OCR cleanup process, handwritten journals, books or any material can be converted into digital format and the usability of the data is increased.

Data Storage

After converting the data in the digitalised format, it is also important to store it in proper format and system. With proper storage planning and designing format, our team makes the data more manageable and actionable.

Why should you outsource OCR clean up services to RCSPL?

RCSPL is a leading and professional OCR clean up service provider in India. We have advanced infrastructure, strong industry knowledge and dedicated team to format your data at a faster pace with accuracy. Our experienced OCR cleanup team has the capability to capture your data and convert it in the required format as per your business requirements. By capturing and converting the data into electronic format, the usability of your data also increases.

The simple reason why most of the national and international client’s trust _______ for OCR clean up services is because:

  • We use the latest technology, applications and software to enhance the quality of service.
  • We plan and design the format in which the data has to be presented in electronic format
  • We can provide the highest level of accuracy in OCR clean up services
  • We have highly experienced and well trained OCR clean up service staff
  • We have the capability to convert the image files into any format you need
  • We offer high quality services at the most competitive prices

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