Charity Fund Raising Services

There are several NGOs and non-profit organizations which offer a wide range of fund raising services for philanthropic purposes. It makes a major difference to needy people with health ailments or financial need. Generating charity for such organization needs a lot of resources and dedicated support. Most of the NGOs and non-profit organizations are running short of resources as they are majorly focused on helping and supporting people. Instead of spending the valuable time of their in-house team in generating funds, almost the organizations outsource charity fund raising services to specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Service Limited (RCSPL) is one of the leading and trusted charity fund raising service provider which has dedicated team and state-of-art infrastructure to support you in for the noble cause. With more than a decade of experience in helping several organizations and agencies in generating maximum funds, we work like your in-house time than hired call centre services. As part of your organization’s goal, RCSPL offers low cost services to all the NGO’s and non-profit organization. We provide the highest quality of service at the lowest possible charges.

What are the types of charity fund raising services do we offer?

Every organization offers different types of support to people who are in need. Be it healthcare benefit, financial benefit, or education support, we customize the solution as per your business requirements. Our basic process includes:

Outbound Calling Services

We have dedicated call centre agents who are polite and professional in speaking to your preferred donors. Our trained staff will work with your team to promote a positive image of your company and services to your preferred donors. You can provide us the details of the donors or we can help you identify the list of donors using our research team based on which they initiate the entire campaign.

Inbound Calling Services

In several cases, organizations have calls flowing into from donors for supporting their services. But, due to the lack of resources most of the donors might be facing in communicating with the executives. In such cases, our team will be your extended hand, who will greet the donors, provide them necessary information and guide them about the donation process.

24/7 Answering Services

There cannot be fix time table for accepting donation for any non-profit organization. In such cases, we have dedicated teams working day and night to support organizations. Whether you need our support for specific time of the year or for an entire year-on-year, we are readily available.

Why outsource charity fund raising services to RCSPL?

If you want to present a professional outlook to the world and offer faster turnaround then it is essential that you choose experienced and well-trained staff. You can increase your productivity by outsourcing charity fund raising process to RCSPL and focus majorly on providing quality services. Almost all the non-profit organizations and NGOs we have worked with have accepted, realized and considered that outsourcing fund raising services to RCSPL has enabled them to generate more funds from donors.

If you need additional information regarding outsourcing fund raising services then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.