Outbound Call Broadcasting Services

In simple words, winning or losing a business depends on how soon you reach to your customers at the right time. Customers have several options available in the market, but they choose the one which is easily accessible. Similarly, companies have several direct and indirect way of reaching customers. One of the direct way of reach customers is to directly communicate with them on mobile or telephone. The outbound call broadcasting service is a known practice and considered by several companies to generate maximum business. Almost all the companies outsource outbound call broadcasting services to call centre agencies. It is the most cost effective solution rather than laying complete infrastructure, hiring callers and managing an in-house team.

Riddhi Corporate Service Limited (RCSPL) is a well known and leading call broadcasting service provider in India. By outsourcing call centre services to RCSPL, you have the best team working on your project. We offer a wide range of services to help you enhance your business at each level. From data entry services to management and lead generation to call centre services, you can rely on us. We have dedicated teams for each project and state-of-art infrastructure to provide you the highest level of service quality at the lowest pricing model.

Types of outbound call broadcasting services we offer

Market Research Customer Feedbacks
Lead Generation Product and Service promotion
Direct Sales and Inside Sales Appointment Scheduling
Sales leads follow-up Invite Calls
Business Development Event Calls
Market Intelligence Welcome Calls
Market Surveys Debt Collection
Competitor Study ....and many more

In fact we can provide you a customized solution as per your business requirements. Our experienced tele-callers help you with a designed solution especially for your business.

Why outsource outbound call broadcasting services to RCSPL?

By outsourcing outbound call centre services to RCSPL, you have the benefit of reducing your operating cost by 60%. We have trained and experienced callers with state-of-art infrastructure to offer you the service readily. We have more than a decade of experience in offering a wide range of business services including outbound call broadcasting services. Dedicated project managers assigned for each project ensure that clients are reported and updated about the developments time-to-time. We might compromise in cost but we never compromise on quality. Outsourcing outbound call broadcasting services to RCSPL will help you in gaining access to the best team.

If you need additional information regarding outsourcing outbound call broadcasting services to RCSPL, then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will soon get in touch with you.