Email Based Customer Support Services

In the competitive world, faster your faster is your company’s growth. If your organization is receiving hundreds and thousands of emails from your customers but it is getting unnoticed or unanswered, then it is a threat to the company. The reason for considering it as a threat is because customers have thousands of options in the market and customers are more comfortable with brands which are easily accessible. In fact customers trust the companies which respond to their queries and companies as early as possible. In such case, companies are struggling with limited resources and high cost of maintenance. The best option to address this challenge is to outsource the email based customer support services to specialized vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a professional and experienced email based customer support service provider, which has strong team and advanced infrastructure to manage small to large projects. By outsourcing email customer support services to RCSPL, you can majorly focus on your business, and at the same time provide faster response to customers. This will help you manage and improve your services. We have dedicated teams and state-of-art infrastructure to provide high quality services at the lowest cost model.

Our process of email based customer support services

Process Understanding

Our team takes complete business and customer query understand from our clients before initiating any project. We have dedicated project managers for entire project who report to clients directly.

Process Designing

We design the entire process of providing utmost support to customers by discussing with our clients. This enables us in providing maximum comfort and ease to your end customers.

Database Creation

We create a database of your customers in our system which is kept highly confidential and used only by our team and staff. We regularly synch and update it using your centralized DB. By this process, we come to the number of times a customer has contacted or reached us for any information.

Reports and Analysis

We generate weekly or monthly report based on the discussion with our clients to update them about the latest development. For any priority request and discussion we have state-of-art infrastructure by which executives and project managers can directly communicate with clients.

Benefits of outsourcing email based customer support services to RCSPL

We understand that outsourcing your business process to external agency is an important decision. It is difficult to trust and ensure cost implications in entire project. Let us assure you that we will provide you the best in class service at lowest price cost. You will have the same level of control and clarity as you are working with your in-house team. You can leverage our experience and expertise in improving your business process. We might compromise on cost but we shall never compromise on quality of service. Choose RCSPL!

If you need additional information regarding outsourcing email based customer support services to RCSPL then please fill the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you soon.